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The main reason most people wax is to eliminate or reduce hair growth in certain areas of the body. However, many people incorrectly assume that waxing is only necessary during warm months. They conclude that Bathing Suit Season should be the only time to invest in waxing services because they won’t be revealing as much skin in the winter.

Our hair is always in one of three stages. It’s either is growing, lying dormant, or is falling out on its own. By waxing only in the summer or warmer months, the process of delayed hair growth is interrupted. Depending on your hair type, it may take various waxing sessions to obtain your desired results. By continuing to wax in the winter, you are allowing yourself to take care of those stubborn hairs before summer returns. Moreover, if you want to start waxing, the winter is actually the best time to do so!

There are many benefits to year-round waxing. Here are the top 6 reasons to continue waxing in winter months:

1.Reduced Hair Growth

Unlike some other depilatory techniques, waxing removes hair at the root, which affects the hair follicle’s ability to grow new hair. This means that every time you wax, your hair growth is prolonged and will grow back lighter and finer. However, putting this routine in a dormant phase can reverse this cycle. By giving your follicles a chance to recover for a few months, your results will not see optimum results.

Following your regular waxing cycles will nullify the possibilities of interrupting the growth of your body hair- making ‘beachbody season’ an anticipated time! Think about it like trimming the split ends of your hair-if you make it part of your regular maintenance, you’ll actually need to a lot less than if you did it sporadically.

2. Cold Weather Means Flakier/ Dead Skin

It goes without saying, how dry and parched our skin gets in colder months. Hardly any moisturizers work if applied only once. The drier the skin, the more lifeless it looks. Accumulation of the dead skin cells is the reason our skin gets even more flaky and malnourished.

Regular exfoliation can keep the dead and flaky skin by replacing it with new and healthy cells. Waxing rejuvenates the skin by providing enough moisture. Thankfully, the Miami weather allows us to continue scheduling wax appointments during the winter which helps us prepare for the warmer months.

3. Ingrown Hairs Don’t Know It’s Winter

It is hard to believe we can stay away from those pretty skirts, but because they won’t be in our plans, we opt for the next best hair removal option after waxing in emergency situations, and that’s shaving. Now, the damage caused by ingrown hairs you may have tried to avoid will come back with the same thrust and may worsen the issue.

Ingrown hairs are not going to stop growing because it’s winter and we are too lazy to wax. In order to achieve soft regrowth, waxing should be done on a consistent basis as it is an ideal way to remove hairs from the root and prevent ingrown hairs.

4. Don’t Relive Your First Waxing Session

Was your first waxing session really painful? Well, when you eliminate waxing in the winter months, your hair follicles heal and regain their hold to the roots just like before your first wax. So, leaving a huge gap in between waxing is an invitation for excessive pain which could be avoided.

5. Because You’ll Feel Clean, Comfortable, And Confident!

It’s common to wear thermals and leggings all through the winter to help keep warm. However, these apparels sometimes fit tight, which can cause discomfort if you don’t wax and let the hair grow. Not only that, it also increases the chances of ingrown hair. Waxing removes your hair with minimal discomfort for a whole month.

It feels amazing to have silky smooth skin all year long! When the temperatures drop, those millimeters of hair growth won’t do much to keep you warm, but they may cause you to feel a bit scruffy. If you’re used to smooth skin in the summer, letting your routine slip in the winter could make you feel like you have something to hide now.

6. Winter Is the Best Time to Start

Winter is actually the best time to begin waxing if it’s your first time. This is because it takes three or four sessions (spaced 4-6 weeks apart) for your skin to be fully adjusted to the treatment and for all your shaving stubble to completely vanish. If you want to get a jump on next year or prepare for a spring break vacation, come inside Starsoft Wax Center and experience the Starsoft difference for yourself!

Waxing through the winter will preserve and further your path towards smooth skin rather than setting you back. You’ll feel sexy, confident, and comfortable all year long, and be more than prepared for any spontaneous hot tub or indoor pool parties!

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